Dinner Recipes: Prison edition

What do you cook behind bars?

November 15th, 2019

By Richard Bronson

Food in jail or prison ranges from bad to inedible. Ingredients are of low quality or used beyond their expiration dates. A friend who worked in a prison kitchen remembers finding cartons of chicken parts in the freezer, with the labelling “Not for human consumption.”

However, there’s an amazing amount of creativity that can be found among a prison population. Many inmates eschew the prison kitchen in favor of meals they (or their friends) cook up on their own. Ingredients are bought at the prison commissary; if a microwave isn’t available, hot irons or heating units are employed to prepare their dishes. Some turn out surprising good.

In this video, our friend Coss Marte, who runs the prison work-out company ConBody, explains how to make a prison burrito.

— Richard Bronson, Founder/CEO

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