An open letter to HR Professionals:


Dear HR Professional,

As millions of Americans march in protest of the death of George Floyd, we’re witnessing history unfold. Many may also be feeling helpless in the face of this vast and complex problem. More specifically, what can your company do to make a difference?

In your capacity of building out your workforce, you’re perfectly positioned to advocate for justice: engage in fair-chance hiring.

How is fair chance hiring a Black Lives Matter issue?

  • America’s criminal justice system is inseparable from its history of racism and oppression of people of color
  • There’s just a 1 in 4 chance of being incarcerated as a black man in this country (Bureau of Justice Statistics Report)
  • African Americans are incarcerated at more than 5 times the rate of whites. (NAACP)

When you say “yes” to fair chance hiring, you create opportunities, you save lives, you reconnect families and communities. And in so doing, you help your company make a statement that will resonate everywhere you do business. You’re telling the world that’s it’s NOT okay for this unfairness to continue.

This is a complicated issue and you may have some doubts, but we ask that you take some time to chat with us and learn what kind of talent you are missing out on. We’ve got 11 million job seekers with criminal records of all kinds, who are just waiting for you to begin a new, productive life.

Connect with us: or


Richard Bronson, Founder/CEO





Changing the way the 70 million Americans with criminal records find jobs.

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Second Chances: The 70 Million Jobs Blog

Second Chances: The 70 Million Jobs Blog

Changing the way the 70 million Americans with criminal records find jobs.

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