A Politician to Watch

July 31st, 2018

Photo provided by Yang2020.com

While mid-term elections are fast upon us, presidential hopefuls are already honing their stump speeches, testing the political waters and raising money at a feverish pace. Arguably, there’s never been a more critical time for all of us to engage in the political process.

Many Americans with criminal records have had their voting rights restored, making this population a potentially formidable political bloc. 70MillionJobs intends to position itself front and center into the election fray, and bring attention to candidates promoting progressive approaches to repairing our failed criminal justice system.

One such candidate we’ve just met is Andrew Yang, who is running for President. An attorney who’s had success in the tech world, Andrew is an unabashed outsider to the corridors of power in this country. A central policy plank in his agenda is a commitment to Universal Basic Income. UBI would provide returning citizens a vital safety net, as they piece back together their tattered lives upon release. For those facing the daunting challenges of landing a job while bearing the pressure of putting food on the table, studies suggest this monthly guarantee can short circuit the urge to return to illegal activity.

Andrew is a realist, and is addressing the implications of jobs lost to AI and robotics. He’s an idealist with his feet firmly placed on the ground. And unlike our current administration, his patriotism takes the form of connecting people to our common hopes and dreams, rather than dividing them.

And unlike our current Attorney General, Andrew recognizes that more jail cells and longer sentences do little to discourage crime, but instead decimate lives and families, and erode the noblest precepts of our great country.

Andrew Yang is young, aggressive and very smart, and at a time when the sobriquet “outsider” is deemed a political plus, Andrew may be the very best. We urge you to learn more about him at Yang2020.com.



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