70 Million Jobs/Commissary Club Scores $1 Million Investment from Darryl Finkton, Jr.’s EPMT Fund


June 9th, 2021

70 Million Resources, Inc., the parent company of 70 Million Jobs, the first national, for profit employment platform for formerly incarcerated people and Commissary Club, the social network for 70 million Americans with a criminal record, announced today that it had received a $1 million investment from impact investor Darryl Finkton Jr’s billion dollar fund, EPMT (End Poverty. Make Trillions).

“We are committed to funding entrepreneurs who live in or are committed to servicing low-income communities,” said Finkton. “Few companies have done more to provide opportunities to those with records than 70 Million Jobs,” said Finkton. “We are aligned in so many exciting ways.”

Richard Bronson, 70 Million Resources’ founder and CEO, was effusive in his praise for Finkton’s efforts. “From day one, Darryl ‘got it.’ He comes from a challenging socio-economic background, so he understands what it takes to make real change happen. We couldn’t be prouder to have him join our other great investors in creating opportunities for the deserving men and women we serve. We’ll be able to amplify our impact as we build out our profitable platforms.”

According to Bronson, funds will be used to build out the Commissary Club platform, as well as handle the dramatic increase in demand for its employment. services. An alumnus of Y Combinator, 70 Million Resources is currently in the midst of a Seed Extension fundraising round. To date, it has raised nearly $3 million from a variety of venture capital firms.

For more information, contact Adrienne Hatter. Adrienne@Commissary.Club

About End Poverty. Make Trillions. Launched by Darryl Finkton, Jr., EPMT is billion-dollar social impact fund, set us as a charitable trust. Finkton is nationally known for his advocacy of Universal Basic Income, a plan that calls for every American to receive a guaranteed income of approximately $1,000. See recent TechCrunch article.

About 70 Million Resources, Inc. Launched in 2017, the company has built a job board and a staffing business, focused solely on those with criminal records. It most recently launched Commissary Club, a social network for this population. See recent TechCrunch article.



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